Welcome to the Green Paradise Holiday House located in town of Trilj, in Split-Dalmatia County.

This peaceful oasis is only 500 m away from the center of Trilj and 26 km away from Split.  The total estate area is 5,500 m2, surrounded by greenery and enriched by the immediate vicinity of the Cetina river(150 m), where you can enjoy fishing and rafting in addition to cooling off in the summer months. Our spacious property is encircled by pristine nature, two orchards, a garden, a tavern, and a beautifully landscaped courtyard surrounding the large pool and sunbathing area, outdoor grill, dining area and children’s corner. The Green Paradise vacation home is an ideal destination for a family or group of friends where everyone can find fun, as well as absolute peace and rest.

The central Green Paradise house has 300 m2 and consists of a ground floor with a fitness room, 2 garages and an internal staircase. On the first floor of the house there is a spacious living room with kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and toilet. The second floor of the house consists of 3 bedrooms for two people, 1 smaller bedroom and a bathroom. The Green Paradise Holiday House is modernly furnished and equipped for the ultimate vacation, suitable for a comfortable stay of nine people.

Trilj and its surroundings are a unique gastronomic destination widely known for its many original dishes, specialties known since ancient times and well-known wines of this region. Local restaurants with exceptional gourmet offerings, shops and playgrounds are located close to the property.

For those who enjoy an active vacation Trilj and its surroundings are an ideal destination. Explore the beauty of the trilateral region by walking, hiking, cycling or horseback riding. Experience all the magic of the Cetina River by spending a day rafting, canoeing, kayaking, hunting or fishing.

The Green Paradise Holiday House is open for rent all year round. We stand at your service at any time during your stay, but we also offer you total privacy to spend your vacation as you wish.


About Us

The family estate and the Green Paradise Holiday House are built on the land of our ancestors, guided by the idea of returning to nature and the needs of modern man.  The superbly furnished interior is in harmony with the authentic home environment. Antic objects in the yard of the Green Paradise Holiday House are part of our family’s heritage and will return any romantic to ancient times.

Walk along the paths of our childhood to the crystal clear Cetina River, relax with the song of birds and the untouched nature. The riverfront area abounds in plant and animal species, hiking trails, and hidden girders. We offer you a rest for the soul and body.

The town of Trilj (lat. Pons Tiluri, Tilurium) and its surroundings are known since Roman times, for the many archaeological sites in the area. Millions of people around the globe enjoy football, and few know that the cradle of football was in the village of Gardun, and seated the 7th Roman legion of Tiluri. Football, according to FIFA’s claims, played in Tiluri 2000 years ago.

The famous Sinj Alka is one of the biggest summer events of this region. The rocking game that has been held in Sinj since the beginning of the 18th century is just one of the attractions of the city of Sinj, only 12 km away from the Green Paradise Holiday House.

The ancient city of Split is a 45 minute drive from the property.  Spend a day exploring Diocletian’s Palace, visit numerous museums and tourist attractions, local beaches, restaurants and cafes.

In ancient travels, the town of Trilj is mentioned as an important intersection of the roads, visit us and walk along the paths of Emperor Diocletian, enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate and the unique gastronomic offerings of our region.

Welcome to the Green Paradise Holiday Home!




Green Paradise Holiday House offers you a unique blend of luxurious accommodation, relaxing atmosphere and first-rate service. Inspired by endless blue skies, the greenery that surrounds us and the turquoise river, we have created a unique style of Green Paradise vacation rentals and its surroundings to make your stay unique and unforgettable.

The main building of the Green Paradise estate spreads across 300 m2. Along with the tavern, orchards and gardens surrounding the house, the yard is dominated by a large heated swimming pool. On the ground floor of the house there is a fitness room and two garages, and the two upper floors offer a spacious living room with kitchen, five bedrooms with a balcony, two bathrooms and a toilet. The house is rented as one unit, suitable for 9 persons.

Air Conditioning


Flat Screen TV



Experience Trilj and its surroundings

There are many archaeological finds from the Mesolithic period in the ​​Trilj area. The first ethnic group that inhabited this area was the Illyrian tribe of Delmati. With the arrival of Romans to the hill of Gardun, a Tilurium military camp was built. From there they also monitored the crossing of the River Cetina, where the settlement Pons Tiluri, the base of today’s Trilj, was developed. The name Trilj is mentioned for the first time in the deed of donation of Croatian-Hungarian King Andrew II Arpadovic to the count of Split Domaldo in 1210.


Archaeological heritage and Trilj landmarks

Visit numerous archaeological finds, the Roman road, Tilurij, the locality “Na Mašete”, the Nutjak tower, the Čačvin fortress, the Trilj Museum, the sacral buildings, numerous monuments, as well as the sights of traditional architecture; a collection of old mills “Grabske mlinice” and some of the 16 ponds, wells and tanks which are monuments of cultural heritage of traditional architecture.


Gastronomy of Trilj and its surroundings

Trilj and its surroundings are a unique gastronomic destination widely known for many original dishes, such as frogs, fish and specialties of crab, meals “under the bell”, “arambašići” (sauerkraut leaves stuffed with beef, pork and veal cut into small pieces, with seasonings), lamb, pulestar (young cock) pit roasted, “koštradina” (smoked and dried lamb), venison/game meat, smoked ham, goat and cow cheese, fritter… Local restaurants with exceptional gastronomic offer, shops and playground are located close to the property.


Active vacation

Trilj is an ideal destination for active holidays. Horseback riding, cycling, mountaineering or hiking are the best way to truly experience the beauty of the Trilj region. We suggest you to visit the source of the river Grab and hike in the mountains of Kamešnica. Rafting, canyoning and kayaking are just some of the activities on the river Cetina. Enjoy the unique beauty of untouched nature and the cultivated fields and vineyards, hidden springs in the karst and the armlets of small rivers.

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